Our Service

Pre-sales service:

We have a professional sales team as a guide to choose the correct model and solve your problems in time, and cooperate with the engineering team, technical department, production department, administrative department, accounting department, and document department.The working hours are 7x24 hours.

In-salea service:

One-to-one sales are responsible for all matters of your purchase order, and have been monitoring the transportation until you get the materials, including supporting documents, communicating with the freight forwarder, etc. Cooperate with production department, technical department, engineer department, technical department, packaging department, and logistics department to handle relevant communications to ensure that your order is correct.

After-sales service:

After-sales team will deal with all customer complaints, such as packaging, quality, transportation, etc. If it is finally confirmed that the error is caused by our party, we will definitely exchange the goods or make up for the loss. A promise is a promise!

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