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What are the application scope of chemical pump?


Chemical pump is suitable for extracting corrosive liquid from bottles, barrels, tanks, pools or other vessels.

Chemical pump has the advantages of stable and reliable characteristics, good sealing characteristics, beautiful shape design, convenient application and maintenance. In order to improve product quality, reduce running, risking, dripping, leakage, avoid environmental pollution, improve the natural environment, give full play to a great effect.

Chemical pump for chemical plants, crude oil, metallurgical industry, power plants, food, pharmaceutical, artificial fiber and other units transport temperature in a variety of degrees of corrosion or physical, organic chemical properties of high material.

Chemical pump commodity key are: all kinds of glass fiber chemical pump, corrosion resistant plastic pump, high temperature chemical pump, standard chemical process pump, magnetic drive pump, etc.

Chemical pump for underwater concrete cold water, with cavitation corrosion, chemical substances harmful to the general pump shell raw materials, floating, corrosion of stainless steel plate, non-combustible chemical substances; Chemical pump used together for power supply; For heating, central air conditioning, water cooling and respiratory systems; For civil and industrial purposes; For fire safety; For watering; For peacetime main use and civil use, industrial production, horticulture flowers, watering main uses; Economical engineering projects for precipitation; For places where noise must be low; Water or liquid suitable for transport of erosion, flammability and particulate matter; Increase in suitable pipe network.

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